Frequently Asked Questions



What is webcasting?

Webcasting is the broadcasting of an event over the internet. This may be in the form of an audio or a video presentation which can be broadcasted live or recorded for later use.


Why should I webcast my presentation?

Regulation Fair Disclosure (Reg FD or Regulation FD) requires all publicly traded companies to disclose company information to the public at the same time. Webcasting is the ideal means of distributing this information.


Why should I use Wall Street Webcasting as my webcast provider?

Wall Street Webcasting goes the extra mile to produce seamless results. Rather than generalizing each webcast, we tailor each and every one of our events to our Client's exact specifications. We separate ourselves from the rest by giving the "white glove" treatment every time.


What are the minimum requirements to access a webcast?

We support both Mac and Windows operating systems for desktop users. In order to access our webcasts on a desktop or laptop computer, users will need at least one of the following plugins on any modern internet browser: Adobe Flash Player, Apple QuickTime, Windows Media Player or Microsoft Silverlight. Video webcasts can be accessed using only the Adobe Flash Player or Apple QuickTime. For mobile devices, we support both Android and Apple operating systems. Mobile devices can access webcasts with any modern mobile browser and a stable internet connection.


What are the technical requirements to access a webcast?

If you are using Adobe Flash Player, Apple QuickTime, Windows Media Player or Microsoft Silverlight, you will need ports 80, 8080, 554 and 1935 to be open. All modern browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer Edge) support at least one of the mentioned players. If you are accessing the webcast on a mobile device, you will need to use a modern browser that supports HTML5 and HLS. For mobile devices you will need port 1935 to be open.


How long will my webcast be available for?

The standard archive length for a webcast is 90 days. Alternatively we will archive presentations for up to 1 year (365 days) free of charge. Please contact us for more details if you would like to extend your presentation’s archive period longer than 1 year. In some cases conference hosts will have a fixed archive length so you will need to contact them in order to extend your archive period.


What type of visuals can I provide for a webcast?

Our webcast platform supports standard presentation slides as well as videos. We support both standard format (4:3) and widescreen format (16:9). We accept .PDF, .PPTX, .PPT as well as .PPS files. We do not support transitions, animations, Prezi presentations or Keynote presentations. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions.


How do I register for webcasting?

If your company is participating in a larger conference, you will receive an email with registration instructions from us or the conference host. If you do not receive an email, please contact the conference host for details.

If your company is not participating in a larger conference but is hosting an Analyst/Investor Day or a Conference Call, please use the contact form located on this page to get in touch with us.


How do I distribute my webcast link?

After you complete the webcast registration process, we will send your dedicated webcast link directly to you. You may embed this link in Press Releases, on your Investor Relations website, or you may distribute this link directly in emails.

Audio Visual


What is audio visual?

Audio visual is a method of presentation defined by using both sight and sound. In a more broad term audio visual refers to every aspect within the presentation room from the projector to the speakers.


What is the difference between Audio Visual and Webcasting?

Audio Visual is everything that you need inside of the presentation rooms on site to make for a successful event. This consists of mixing boards, microphones, speakers, projectors, projector screens and more. Webcasting is taking the presentations that are occurring in the room and streaming them online in order to comply to Reg FD regulations and to reach a much larger audience.


What equipment do you offer?

We offer the latest high tech solutions for your audio visual needs. Our equipment is perfect for large ballrooms as well as smaller conference rooms. What separates Wall Street Webcasting from other audio visual vendors is that we package all of our equipment into small vertical cases. By doing this, we are able to stay out of sight and out of mind to your guests providing for a seamless experience.


What is involved with the setup and breakdown of my event?

You are assigned a project manager who will be your point of contact from conception to completion. They will provide a simplistic 2D overhead setup of room logistics as well as a top down 3D rendering fly-through of each presentation room. Working hand-in-hand with the hotel, we will take care of loading in and out along with labor necessities to make your event one to remember. Weekly followups will be conducted ensuring we have the most updated information noted on our end and our one-stop-shop in a box approach allows us to roll in our pre-rigged audio cart catered specifically to your event for lightning fast room setups and strikes.

For the setup of your event, depending on the size, we will need at least one full day prior to the event so that we can load in all necessary equipment as well as conduct required tests to ensure that everything is working properly. At the end of the event, we will start cleaning up rooms that finish the earliest so that we can be broken down and out of your way soon after the conclusion of the event.

For more information, contact Thomas Petroski directly at 908-400-3938 or email

Digital Signage


What is digital signage?

Digital signage uses technology, such as LCD projection, to display content such as digital images and information. At Wall Street Webcasting, we use digital signage to keep your event attendees up to date with the various presentations, keynotes and workshops taking place at your event.


Why use digital signage instead of printed signage?

Printed signage has major drawbacks. With printed signage, you are limited in what information you can display and you are not able to update the information easily. However, with digital signage, any and all information you wish to display to your guests can be displayed and updated with ease.


What is 4k UHD?

4k UHD is the latest in high definition technology. UHD stands for Ultra-High Definition and allows us over 8 million pixels to display the most vivid images possible. Text looks crystal clear and super sharp so that no one at your event will have trouble reading the information.


How do signs stay up-to-date?

All of our digital signage units are connected to one central server hosted by our team of trained technicians. This server pushes the information out to each display to keep them updated on a minute to minute basis. Anytime there is a cancelation, addition or change on the schedule, all signs at your event will be updated.

Registration & Speaker Ready


What is registration & speaker ready?

Registration refers to all of the equipment necessary to register your guests, create badges, schedule meetings and keep everyone connected via WiFi. Speaker ready encompasses everything you may need to check in your presenters, collect presentations to hand over to the Audio Visual team as well as review each presentation with the presenter.


Why do I need registration & speaker ready for my event?

Purchasing the necessary equipment for a successful registration area is a costly investment, why not allow yourself peace of mind by hiring a vendor to supply you with everything you will need?


Why should I use Wall Street Webcasting to handle my registration & speaker ready needs?

Not only do we offer the highest grade equipment, we also create industry leading solutions to handle every aspect of your event. By using Wall Street Webcasting as your preferred vendor, you are guaranteeing a successful event.

Editing Services


What encompasses editing services?

We offer everything from editing previously recorded footage, creating custom graphics and animations for your videos, to recording your video in front of our state of the art green screen.


What software do you use?

Our standard video production software includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


What is a virtual studio?

A virtual studio is a studio created in a 3D rendering program which we are able to insert behind your presenters to give the illusion that you are inside of an actual studio.


What is a green screen?

A green screen is a large green backdrop that is recorded behind the presenters. We are able to remove the green backdrop easily using our state of the art video editing software in order to insert your requested background in its place.


What visuals can I use on the green screen?

You are able to use both static images and motion videos as backgrounds on top of the green screen.


What types of custom charts and graphics do you offer?

We offer custom bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, scatter plots and combination graphs. Anything you can think of, we can build.


How will my file be delivered to me?

Depending on the size of the finished file, we will either deliver your file electronically through a secured download link or mail you a hard copy of your video on a separate external hard drive.