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About Us

Wall Street Webcasting (WSW) was founded in 1999 to serve investment banks and corporate companies striving to communicate more efficiently via the web with investors, clients and the public. Since its inception, WSW has set an unmatched standard of excellence in delivering customized services and first-rate experiences.

Wall Street Webcasting streams over 200 conferences every year. WSW is not a one-size-fits-all webcasting company—we customize every event in order to meet our clients’ specific needs.

WSW is a subsidiary of The Wall Street Transcript, based in the New York metro area.

Our Technology

WSW manages all details of your webcast, both on-site and online. As we own all of the equipment necessary to produce a seamless webcast, the process of obtaining our services is quick and easy.

With over a decade of knowledge and experience, WSW is able to provide a high-quality presentation at almost any bandwidth. At each event, our experienced on-site team engages in a small, unobtrusive setup to accommodate a professional atmosphere. Every stream is monitored by our staff (both on-site and in our offices) to ensure that you get the best quality webcast on the market.

All of our video webcasts are shot in high-definition and can be streamed live or via a tape delay. With our belief that "less is more," we strive to be as subtle as possible during filming so that even the most camera shy presenter feels comfortable.

Our web conferencing service is compatible with both Macs and PCs and with all internet browsers. Additionally, we offer access to most webcasts via tablet and mobile devices including iOS and Android operating systems.

Our Clients

Each year, leading banks and companies from around the world trust Wall Street Webcasting to handle webcasting services for their events. We understand that clients' needs and expectations vary greatly. Therefore, our objective is to create a customized webcast experience for each event.

Just a few of the clients that we have worked with...

And a few of the companies we've webcasted...

We would love to add your company to this prestigious list. We will assist you with all your webcasting needs to ensure that your event is a success. Contact us today to get started!